The SAF Explains What Happened in the Mayo Neighbourhood, South of Khartoum

Khartoum, Sudan Event 

The official spokesperson for the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) stated that the rebel militia’s media has been spreading deceptive and false claims that the SAF directed an attack against civilians in the Mayo neighbourhood.
“We can in no way target our people”, the SAF affirmed in a press release, stating that the population “is well aware of this fact, and they also bear witness to the unprecedented atrocities committed by the rebel militia and their mercenaries, whom they brought into the country from outside the borders, against the Sudanese people.” The press release pinpoints these crimes to include deliberate killings, looting of properties, sabotaging service facilities, and ongoing attempts to displace Khartoum’s citizens and residents of other cities from their homes in preparation for seizure, looting, or military exploitation.
The spokesperson added that the crimes committed by the rebel militia in the states of West Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and the capital, Khartoum, are “unforgettable and have left lasting scars on humanity’s conscience.”
The SAF emphasised that their strikes are directed solely at rebel gatherings, concentrations, and positions as legitimate military targets. “We strictly comply with international humanitarian law and rules of engagement as a professional army, ensuring the safety of our innocent citizens, civilian objects, and protected areas”, the press release further explains.

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