Final Meeting of the Qatari -Egyptian Initiative to Support Health Sector in Sudan

Khartoum – Sudan Event

The Daman Tower in Port Sudan (eastern Sudan) witnessed the final meeting of the Qatari-Egyptian initiative to support the health sector in Sudan.

In a press statement after the meeting, the acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, emphasized the agreement on the objectives of the visit, as the delegation focused on the level of services in hospitals, approved the diagnostic and therapeutic contribution, and visited a number of hospitals in the Red Sea State (Dagna, Port Sudan, Al-Taqaddum, Alwihda wa Alsalam), noting the agreement to provide diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and providing a system of medical training, rehabilitation, and employment. He also added, “We asked for this to be applied to hospitals in other states,” in addition to studying other projects that are being worked on, namely the rehabilitation of dialysis centers, and supporting the central national ambulance system project and mobile clinics to serve the displaced.

Ibrahim revealed the agreement to form a tripartite technical committee (from Sudan, Qatar, and Egypt) that includes three from each country to develop a detailed vision for implementing the initiative according to what was agreed upon.

The initiative came under the guidance of the heads of state of Qatar and Egypt.

The visit lasted for three days.

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