The Ministry of Foreing Affairs (Sudan) demands to classifying the RSF

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreing Affairs demanded the international community to condemn which it described as barbarian assalts committed by the Rapid Support Forces upon the current war with the Sudanese Armed Forces in the capital, Khartoum since the past 15 April, in addition to classifying the rebel malitia as a terrorist group.

In a press statement, the ministry stated (Monday) that the malitia keeps on its terrorist crimes with which it aims on the country’s contitutions. The Ministry refered to the malitia’s tendency on the past couple days to vandalisms and arsonates upon its illish, evil, methodolised plan to destroy the capital after their defeat in the battlefields.
The statement accuses the malitia on committing ethnical purification crimes and massacars in West and South Darfur State, rape crimes; and moreover, kidnapping civilians and mudering them, the compulsory recruitment of underaged, forcibly evacuating the capital’s habitants out of their houses to occupy them, besides, looting the banks, markets, factories, the civilians’s belongings and their vehicles, destroy the universities, museums and cultural institutes, taking hospitals and worship houses as military barracks not mentioning other atrocities.

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