World Health: urgent interventions in hospitals of Geriza State

Khartoum-Sudan Event

The Country Director of the World Health Organization in Sudan, Dr. Niema Abed, confirmed that his visit to Gezira State comes to review the services in health institutions to help implement urgent interventions and determine the operational costs for 7 hospitals, including kidney diseases and surgery, pediatric internal medicine, mental health, and Medani Educational Hospital, and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al-Hassahisa Public Hospital, Al-Jazeera Emergencey Center and their support for 3 months.
Abed pointed out during the visit that it also aimed to witness the opening of the organization’s office to help implement environmental sanitation, water, nutrition, disease surveillance, and send reports on diseases, emergencies and injuries.
While the Director General of the Ministry of Health in the state, Dr. Osama Abdel Rahman, considered the visit a good omen to strengthen the ministry’s efforts aimed at developing and renaissance the health sector. He praised the organization’s contributions to a number of institutions.

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