40,000 blood transfusion bags donated by the World Health Organization to Sudan

Khartoum – Sudan Event

The representative of the Department of Blood Transfusion Services in the Red Sea State, Dr Ahmed Mahjoub, distributed (30,000) blood transfusion bags to all states with medical supplies and began the distribution of a grant provided by the World Health Organization estimated at (40,000) bags.

Meanwhile, the Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, announced during his inspection of the National Public Health Laboratory (Stac) and the blood bank continuing efforts to ensure and continue the provision of blood transfusion services and continuing to make this service free of charge for patients, stressing the development of blood transfusion services, improving its safety, and filling the gaps. Identified, including immediate actions to meet the increasing demand for blood in humanitarian emergencies and during recovery.

The Ministry transferred STAC’s work to Red Sea State after the outbreak of war in Khartoum and the Rapid Support militia’s occupation of its headquarters among several health institutions.

The recent period has witnessed a severe shortage of blood transfusion bags.

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