Darfur regional government receives the equipment for issuing civil registry documents

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The Darfur Regional Government in Port Sudan received the equipment and devices for issuing passports and civil registry documents in implementation of the outcomes of the meeting between the regional government and the designated Minister of Interior.

Minister of Finance of the Regional Government, Abdulaziz Shado, said on his Facebook page that the devices will be sent immediately to the region to begin their work, starting from El Fasher, until the scope of their work expands until the situation stabilises in the other states.

“We hope that this step will be a first sign to end the suffering of our people in the region after they have been cut off from state institutions for a long time, and that all obstacles will be overcome, the conditions of the displaced and refugees will be reconciled, and public civil institutions and facilities that have been destroyed and ruined due to the war will be reactivated.”He added

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