Attorney General reviews violations by the Rapid Support Forces

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Khalifa Ahmed Khalifa, the Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan, revealed in a press statement that the Committee on War Crimes and Violations has documented the abuses committed by the rebellious Rapid Support Forces.

It is worth noting that the Attorney General participated in recent meetings of the Human Rights Council, where he issued a statement reviewing the violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law committed by the Rapid Support Forces.

Khalifa also explained to the members of the Human Rights Council about the activities of the committee and its formation of subcommittees with broad powers of investigation and inquiry. He noted that the number of reported cases reached approximately 1078, where a large number of victims were interrogated and videos, documents, and evidence were collected, especially regarding genocide crimes that took place in the Darfur region and the killing of its governor.

During the visit, Khalifa also met with Volker Türk, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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