Three deaths due to cholera in East Nile locality

East Nile – Sudan Events

Three people died out of 11 people suffering from watery diarrhea (cholera) in the Haj Youssef suburb, east of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Medical sources in the Hajj Youssef region/East of the Nile confirmed that three deaths of citizens occurred inside homes in the Al-Baraka neighborhood and the Al-Fayhaa administrative unit, and more than 10 cases of watery diarrhea arrived at the New Alban Governmental Hospital, some of which were transferred from health centers within the neighborhoods in the region.

The medical office of the emergency room in Haj Youssef appealed to organizations, especially Doctors Without Borders, which is active in the region, to intervene urgently and spread the cholera prevention protocol to limit its spread.

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