Governor of the Nile River stresses attention to the administrative structure in hospitals

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The acting governor of the Nile River, Mohamed El-Badawi Abdel-Majed, stressed
on paying attention to the administrative structure in hospitals by forming a board of directors in each hospital that includes the hospital’s medical, health and administrative staff and the board of trustees, which includes the popular side in order to attract support and aid the administration, noting the necessity of popular effort in environmental sanitation and hygiene operations.
During his meeting with the Director General of the Ministry of Health in the state, Dr. Ahmed Wahab, after assuming his duties, Abdel Majid affirmed his full support for all the ministry’s plans and programs in the next phase, especially after the fall and the treatment of diseases and epidemics resulting from it.
Meanwhile, Wahb announced that the coming period will witness a great movement in the field of curative and preventive health, noting the development of an integrated plan to advance the reality of health, starting with health centers and hospitals, strengthening the administrative structures of health institutions, and activating the popular side.

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