The Minister of Health to (Sudan Events): 8 states recorded cases of dengue fever, and Gadarif is the most inffected

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, revealed that cases of dengue fever were recorded in 8 states during the current year, from mid-autumn until September 25, which included the Red Sea, Gedaref, Kassala, Al-Jazira, Sennar, North and South Kordofan, in addition to North Darfur, pointing out that there was a large epidemiological record in Gadarif, which was preceded by indicators that made the Ministry send an additional stock of intravenous solutions and blood transfusion bags, as well as from the World Health Organization and UNICEF.
Ibrahim told (Sudan Events) that the recorded cases in Gadarif exceeded 700 infections, and 8 deaths, adding that most of the infections are minor, 80% to 90%, and require fluids and panadol, and a small percentage of them require hospitalization and blood or platelet transfusion.
Ibrahim noted the Ministry accomplished the mobilization of federal teams of experts from the Ministry and the World Health Organization, as well as support from the organization and UNICEF in the form of intravenous solutions, in addition to rapid examination and training of cadres on clinical treatment. He pointed out that a campaign for pesticides spraying, inspection, and control was launched late due to the country’s economic conditions. “There is great efforts from local Notables of Gadarif, the governor, civil society, and support from the federal and state ministry and global health.” He added.
Ibrahim confirmed that an additional supply was sent today to the state, emphasizing the need for everyone’s efforts in combating the fact that the transmitting mosquitoes live inside homes, which requires a great deal of work from citizens in inspecting and not storing water in a way that is reproducible, in addition to cleaning the storage utensils. “This is the Ministry message we want it to reach the citizens so that they can has a role in combating mosquitoes.” He added “A message to the citizens: We reassure that not all types of dengue fever is worrying, can turn into a hemorrhagic fever. However, it is necessary to focus on fluids and painkillers, and not to panic or rush to buy intravenous solutions from the market, so as not to create a problem or a scarcity of them.” He added.
He pointed out that most of the supplies are allocated and distributed to citizens through health institutions and treatment points and not in community pharmacies, calling for assistance in the campaign to combat all forms of mosquitoes in the media, citizens and all of society with government agencies to reduce the density of mosquitoes and thus reduce the rate of disease.

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