Pesticides to eliminate diseases vectors in Gezira State

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Ministry of Health – Gezira State has received two tones of 4 tones of spacial hot spraying pesticides operatable by vehicles_mobilized spraying machines to eliminate diseases vectors. The pesticides cost 84 million pounds under support and supervision of the acting governor, Ismail AwadAllah Ala’agib.
Ministry general director, Dr. Osama Abdelrahman said that the disease vectors campaign targets the entire state by the end of the rainy season, and that the rest of quantaty will be received on the upcoming days.
On his side, the director of Malaria Directorate, Dr. Moawia Abdelgadir confirmed that the pesticides are effective and safe for humans and animals, calling out the citizens on the necessity of drying and washing water utensiles and vessiles and empty water AC’s every three days to prevent mostquitoes from reproducing inside the houses.

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