New Fuel Prices in a Sudanese State

Khartoum – Sudan Events 

The director of the Petroleum Department in Sennar State, Haider Ibrahim, confirmed the end of the fuel crisis in Sennar State, emphasising the stability of all fuel types, whether gasoline, diesel, or gas. Haider stated that the state receives 50,000 gallons of fuel daily from Port Sudan, covering all localities. Fuel purchasing times at gas stations have been set from 6 AM to 6 PM. He explained that the new fuel prices are as follows: gasoline at 5,275 Sudanese pounds, diesel at 5,338 Sudanese pounds, and gas from the depot at 5,500 Sudanese pounds, while from the centre to the consumer, it is priced at 6,500 Sudanese pounds.

Haider also confirmed the availability of harvest fuel, mentioning that the Agricultural Bank has contracted with petroleum companies to distribute it to farmers through the administration.

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