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The Egyptian Consul Expresses admiration for the Poem “Faithful Egypt” by Sheikh Al-Borai

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Consul of the Republic of Egypt in Port Sudan, Counselor Sameh Farouk, confirmed the depth of the ties that bring together the people of the two countries and the religious, cultural and social similarity that made Cairo a destination for the Sudanese. Farouk expressed his admiration for the Sudanese people and the rituals related to ‘Almawlid’ and added that the poem of the late Sheikh Abdul Rahim Al-Borai, “Faithful Egypt,” is considered one of the many evidence of the level of relations between the two people, stating that the poem included many spiritual and mystical meanings and connotations, represented by the mention of religious symbols and sheikhs, Sufis and scholar, in addition to many other meanings. He also added that the Egyptian people love this poem and repeat it a lot, as there is great similarity in the religious and Sufi approach between the two brotherly countries.

Farouk congratulated the Sudanese people and the Islamic nation on the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

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