Aldigair calls for holding a comprehensive dialogue in Sudan 

Wad Medani – Talal Ismail

Chairman of Sudanese Conference Party, Omer Aldigair called out to launch a comprehensive dialogue involves all national groups.


Aldigair posted on (X) platform saying: “The war of April 15 was a result of quantative and qualative accumulation of a number of failed options. This accumulation has been a state of closed cirlce in which the sudanese people were locked, as all steps never led to a door, all major questions stayed unanswered, under ruling systems, flectuating between immature democracey and dictatorial taken most of the national reign time”


“To overcome this dilemma, there must be a new foundation based on a comprehensive dialogue that involves all national groups to deliver a democratic, reviving and developing project with a social bond, and reject ostracism, exclusion and deceit, and to be open to resolve the differences and avoid truth monopoly speech.”

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