The Minister of Social Development reveals the amount of aid that has reached the country

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The Minister of Social Development, Muhammad Adam Bakhit, revealed the volume of humanitarian aid provided by sisterly Arab countries, friendly countries and United Nations agencies, which reached the country, amounting to (64,322) tons of food, medical supplies and shelter materials, as well as (51,800) tons of wheat as part of the Saudi grant provided by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre.

In a press conference today in the Coral Hotel hall in Port Sudan (about international relief – the whole truth), Bakhit stated that the humanitarian aid that arrived was weak compared to the actual dire need that reached…

(480) thousand tons by the end of this year, calling on international organizations to collect the financial support provided to Sudan in accordance with the outcomes of the Sudan Support Conference, which was recently held in Geneva, and to provide more support.

Bakhit announced Sudan’s condemnation of the targeting of the headquarters of the Humanitarian Aid Commission, and called on international organizations to condemn this behavior, which is considered targeting of humanitarian work.

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