Warnings of a dangerous pest that is destroying maize and millet in Sudan

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Plant Protection in Sennar State warned of the spread of the starling pest that is destroying crops in Sudan.

The Director of the General Department of Plant Protection in Sennar State, Al-Bash, engineer Nour El-Din Dawoud, announced that the department is conducting surveys and receiving reports resulting from the spread of the starling pest, which is considered one of the most dangerous pests on grain crops such as corn and sorghum, especially in the (labneh) stage, explaining that the damage rate may reach ( 100%) if it is not eliminated.


Engineer Dawood indicated that (10) sites were identified where this pest breeds, due to its wide spread in the state.


On the other hand, Daoud stated that there are intensive efforts to combat the pest of night locusts and armyworms in the south of the state, announcing the preparation of airports and the immediate start of spraying by aircraft, in order to eliminate these pests which reprent a threat to crops. In addition, the Director of Plant Protection advised farmers to remove all obstacles that hinder and face the aerial spraying process, in cooperation with the federal administration.

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