Al-Hadi Idris calls for forming an international investigation committee for Sudan war

Wad Medani – Sudan Events

The head of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, Al-Hadi Idris, called to form an international investigation committee into the violations that have accompanied the war in Sudan since last April 15.
He said in a speech, a copy of which was received by Sudan Events “This war has serious consequences, represented by widespread and gross violations of human rights, which we condemn in the strongest terms and hold both parties to the conflict fully responsible. We also call for the formation of an international investigation committee to investigate all crimes committed since the outbreak of the war.”

He renewed their position calling for stopping the war in order to alleviate the suffering of the Sudanese and build Sudan on new foundations, according to the speech.

He stressed that the Revolutionary Front believes that there is no way out of the crisis other than a negotiated solution through the Jeddah platform to reach a quick ceasefire and restore the political process with the facilitation of IGAD, neighboring countries and the African Union.

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