RSF Arrests Founder of Cancer Children’s Retreat

Khartoum – Talal Muddathir

This morning, a force from the rebellious Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia raided the home of volunteer activist Ahmed Abbas in the Arkaweit neighbourhood of Khartoum and took him to an undisclosed location.

The heavily armed soldiers who came to arrest him told residents that they accused Abbas of sending coordinates of military locations to the army to target them. They noticed Ahmed’s frequent movements in various parts of the Arkawiet area, where his activities were related to providing daily meals to the neighbourhood residents, funded by charitable donations. Ahmed Abbas takes responsibility for preparing these meals along with some of the residents and then distributes them using a transport vehicle called ‘Dardaga,’ along with his son.

The activist in voluntary work, Ahmed Abbas, the brain behind the initiative to establish a retreat for children with cancer, is suffering from a heart ailment and resides in Arkawiet with his children and elderly mother. His arrest has sparked a wave of anger and widespread solidarity among social media users, who are calling for his release and the lifting of his detention.

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