Launch of an Epidemic Control Project in the State of Sinnar with Support from the Kuwaiti Patients’ Aid Fund

Sinnar – Sudan Events

This Thursday morning in Sinnar City, in front of the local government buildings, the Governor of Sinnar State inaugurated an epidemic control project with support from the Kuwaiti Patients’ Aid Fund.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Amin Abu Manqa, the Acting Executive Director of the Fund, stated that the project includes efforts to combat disease carriers and distribute insecticide-treated mosquito nets to displaced persons in shelter centers. The project is set to run for one month and covers the localities of Sinnar, Sannar, Suki, and Dinder, with the possibility of extending and expanding its activities. Abu Manqa expressed his gratitude to the Kuwaiti Patients’ Aid Fund for financing the project.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Awad, the Minister of Health and Social Affairs in the state, emphasized that the project directly contributes to eliminating health threats and called for intervention in all localities.

The Governor, Tawfiq Mohammed Ali, witnessed the signing of the technical agreement for project implementation.

It is worth mentioning that this project is part of epidemic control initiatives launched at the end of last September, funded by the Direct Aid Society and the Kuwaiti Patients’ Aid Fund, covering several states.

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