University of Khartoum Administration Denies Circulating Questionnaire on Social Media

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Social media circulated a questionnaire attributed to students of the 99th batch at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, to find out the students’ opinion about completing their university studies in one of the medical colleges at a university outside Sudan. Tuition fees were estimated at four thousand dollars, excluding housing, subsistence, and other expenses. The questionnaire indicated that those who will teach are university professors and that the certificate will bear the signature of the University of Khartoum.

In a statement to the university family and public issued today, Friday, the university administration denied what was stated in the questionnaire, categorically stating that it had absolutely nothing to do with it, noting that none of its academic institutions or scientific councils had met or even proposed such proposals that conflict with the university’s mission as well as academic and scientific reputation.

The administration said that when the Council of Deans decided earlier to hold exams for final-year students in some colleges in the four centers inside and outside Sudan, due to the circumstances the country is going through, the goal was not to disrupt the students and out of appreciation for the circumstances of the families and parents who are waiting for their children This was done safely and the university bore all the expenses without burdening students with additional expenses.

The administration asserted that it discusses all its decisions in its academic councils before issuing the order “which confirms that what was stated in the circulating questionnaire has nothing to do with the university and was not issued by it.”
She pointed out that the Deans Council, in order to achieve the required academic stability and address any possible problems, will remain in permanent session to search for appropriate ways to continue the academic process for students and to discuss all the proposals presented by the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs and the deans of the colleges before issuing the academic calendar for the coming period.

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