Sudanese Army Accuses Rapid Support Militia of Liquidating Prisoners

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

The Sudanese army, through its official spokesman, Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah, accused the rebel Rapid Support militia of promoting a video clip showing blindfolded soldiers who were shot dead. A statement issued by the Rapid Support on Thursday accused the army of executing them. Abdullah said that the video was “fabricated” and that the armed forces had nothing to do with the operation. He added that the clip was originally a “liquidation” carried out by the militia of armed forces soldiers who had been captured earlier.

The Sudanese army spokesman described what happened as a “heinous crime,” stressing that the Sudanese Armed Forces have a spotless professional record in adhering to international humanitarian law with strict adherence to the rules of engagement.

Nabil concluded his statements by emphasizing that these campaigns will not deceive the intelligence of the citizen who witnesses the violations of the Rapid Support militia, which qualifies it to be classified as a “terrorist” organization.

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