University of Khartoum Refutes Allegations of Released Exam Details

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The administration of the University of Khartoum confirmed that the letter published on social media – related to the start of issuing the certificates of details, and determining the fees and payment – is baseless, stressing that students should not fall prey to such correspondence.

The administration said, according to a statement issued at dawn today, Saturday, that some students in the name of the 98th batch at the College of Medicine (who are of course not authorized) addressed their colleagues in the college that the academic secretariat for the batch will begin the procedures for issuing a certificate with details for those who wish. The letter specified the certificate fees, how to pay the fees, and everything related. By obtaining the certificates, they claimed that the procedure was coordinated with the college registrar.

The administration stated that the only body authorized to issue and approve certificates is the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, and not any other body, and added, “Also, students are not concerned at all with such administrative duties.”

The administration pointed out that fees are the responsibility of a specialized committee that takes into account the economic circumstances of students.

The administration also revealed that it is currently busy making the necessary arrangements to ensure the resumption of studies after the end of the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through.

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