New Branch of Sudanese Cotton Company in Dubai

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A high-level delegation from the Sudan Cotton Company, headed by Abdul Salam Al-Shami, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors, and General Director, Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, arrived in the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of establishing a new branch of the Sudanese Cotton Company. They hope in opening new markets for Sudanese cotton trade until it returns to its previous era.

The general manager of the company, Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, confirmed in press statements that the company has resumed its external activities, by opening the Dubai branch, pointing out that the company has a plan to expand the cotton trade and open global markets for Sudanese cotton until it returns to its previous era.

He added that this contributes to providing foreign currencies and boosting the Sudanese economy, He continued by saying that the company financed cotton cultivation this season in each of the Al-Jazeera, Sennar, Al-Rahad Halfa projects, and the rain-fed agriculture projects in the Blue Nile.
For their part, a number of farmers confirmed that they had delivered all the cotton grown to the company, praising the company’s role in providing financing for agriculture, at a time when a number of financing parties disavowed financing cotton cultivation.

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