With the most prominent being “the Saudi”… heads of diplomatic missions in Khartoum announce their support for Sudan

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

The ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation, and the acting embassies of China, India and Bangladesh in Sudan, affirmed their support and assistance to the government of Sudan at the current stage. They stressed that it is imperative that they stand with it and not place obstacles and hurdles in the way of its efforts to achieve peace and stability in the country.

A meeting was held in the office of the Sudanese Foreign Undersecretary, Ambassador Dafallah Al-Hajj, with Ambassador Othman Abu Fatima, Director of the Human Rights Department, and the heads of those missions and their ambassadors. During the meeting, the Undersecretary explained Sudan’s position on the issues that concern it, which are currently before some international bodies and require cooperation and coordination. Those countries support Sudan and support its position.

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