Carter Center Arranges for Return to Work

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Regional Director of the Carter Center, Dr. Sarah Lavina Fath Al-Rahman, revealed arrangements for the return of the center’s work through its office in Gezira State (Blue Nile Institute).

During the meeting with the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, in his office in the quarantine in Port Sudan, Fath al-Rahman stressed the necessity of joint coordination to provide medicines and deliver them to Sudan, and is committed to training cadres and accommodating local cadres.

In addition, Ibrahim announced the continuation of the center’s projects in combating river blindness and trachoma, in addition to training.
He said, “We are waiting for many projects from the Carter Center and for them to work with us to bridge the gap in the health sector,” thanking them for returning to work in light of the circumstances facing the country and for working to restore some projects that were stopped in some areas.

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