Turkey Donates “Military Uniforms” to South Sudanese Army

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

Yesterday, Tuesday, Turkey handed over its military uniforms to South Sudan as a donation from the Turkish government to facilitate the implementation of the security arrangements clause contained in the 2018 peace agreement. Turkey’s ambassador to South Sudan, Erdem Mutaf, said: “I can say that this donation is about 75,000 military uniforms and their accessories. It is one of the largest military donations that Turkey has made to an African country so far.”

Major General Lul Ruai Kuang, the official spokesman for the South Sudanese army, confirmed the arrival of the military uniforms to his country, while the South Sudanese government thanked the Turkish government for the donation, which came following a meeting held two years ago by the President’s Advisor for Security Affairs, Tut Gluak, with the Turkish ambassador in Juba. Gluak asked him for the uniforms, which were granted to him by the Turkish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Defense.

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