Amnesty International Calls for imposing a ban on using weapons in Sudan to protect Civilians

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Amnesty International called for a total ban on using weapons in Sudan to protect civilians, Amnesty International says.
This came in a report published on the Amensity website calling the US administration to appoint a presidential envoy to develop a wide administrative policy towards Sudan.
Erika Guevars-Rosas, Amensity International’s Senior Director for Research, Advocacy, Policy and Campaigns, said that the report considered the non-governmental armed groups and militia allied to two sides of the conflict in Sudan as war criminals, and this is the cause to impose a ban on the use of weapons in Sudan.
For their part, groups of Sudanese abroad and some human rights organisations in Washington called on the US administration to adopt strategic procedures on Sudan.
This is similar to the war between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in
Sudan that completed six months.

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