Sudan Requests a ‘Easy Loan’ for Wheat Cultivation

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

During a video conference at the first consultative meeting of Arab businessmen and economists held in Beirut as part of the Arab League’s initiative to support the agricultural season in Sudan, Dr Omar Mohamed Marzouk, the Governor of the Gezira Scheme, called on Arab organisations to grant them an ‘easy loan’ of approximately 182 billion Sudanese pounds to participate in the winter season. This request stems from the need for more internal financing available to farmers. He also warned about the delay in providing wheat farming inputs for the Gezira Scheme within the specified timeframes.
Dr. Marzouk mentioned that despite funding for farmers, they have managed to cultivate 560,000 acres of cotton, maise, and soybeans during the summer. They are in the harvesting phase, and farmers need support to complete the harvest. Sudan is preparing for the winter season, during which they plan to cultivate 600,000 acres of wheat with the necessary funding of 182 billion Sudanese pounds. He emphasised the urgency of securing this funding due to time constraints.

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