Minister of Higher Education: The world witnesses destruction of the ministry building and universities by the RSF militia

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The meeting of public university directors to hold next the coming days (Sunday), in the conference hall at the Red Sea University in Port Sudan.
The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof.Mohamed Hassan Dahab, explained in statement that they are facing enormous challenges in the situations followed the war that destroyed different parts of the country left damages in the infrastructure and humanity by the rebel militias. “The whole world witnessed the destruction of the buildings of the Ministry’s headquarters.” He added. Besides, large number of public, and private higher education institutions.
The meeting will discuss the problems and obstacles facing universities in light of the current situationsa and the challenges facing the resumption of studies, the position of support provided by the Ministry of Finance to universities, and the extent of the actual damage to the institutions.
The meeting also reviews the report of the National Fund for Student Welfare on accommodation in boarding houses and the treatments that will take place in coordination with governors and security committees in the states, according to the directives of the Council of Ministers to find alternatives and solutions for the displaced in coordination with social welfare and organizations, as well as the status of the Sudanese university network and its importance in the coming period.

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