The Minister of Higher Education acknowledges the challenges facing opening universities

Khartoum – Nawal Shanan

The Acting Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof, Mohamed Hassan Dahab, acknowledged the challenges facing opening universities, which are fulfilling the salaries of employees and the use of boarding houses as shelter centers, in addition to the living conditions that parents face. He added that it requires finding an appropriate mechanism to open them through E-learning or transferring credit hours between institutions, as well as the partnership between those in safe areas and those in affected areas.
In the meeting with the directors of public universities (Sunday) in the Great Conference Hall at the Red Sea University in Port Sudan, Dahab stressed not to mire students or increase additional burdens on families, calling on universities to take initiatives to solve economic, social and political problems at the present time and in the future.
Dahab denounced the damage suffered by institutions and their employees as a result of what he described as the unethical practices of the Rapid Support Militia, which led to the cessation of academic and research activity.

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