Sudanese Doctors Take Oath in Egypt

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Sudan House Hall in Cairo witnessed 153 male and female doctors taking the oath in various specialities, including 22 pharmacists, 60 dentists and 71 human medical doctors.

Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, said that efforts are continuing to support and develop the health sector and provide services, pointing to the role of medical and health personnel and the continuation of work in the states despite the non-payment of salaries for four months.

Ibrahim considered the department a responsibility, praising the efforts of the Sudanese Medical Council and its keenness to promote health work.

The Sudanese ambassador to Egypt, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Toum, committed to solving the problems facing Sudanese doctors in Egypt.

The head of the Medical Council, Professor Al-Khatim Elias, pointed out that 225 male and female doctors took the oath in the Red Sea, 218 in the Nile River, and 500 in the island, coinciding with the performance in Egypt.

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