World Wars… Scene of the Absurd

By: Dr. Yasir Mahgoub Elhussein

At first five glance at any photographer’s newsletter, one can often observe images of destruction, misery, and death caused by wars. Despite being the most extensively covered events in the world, wars are often overlooked. Despite their inability to achieve political objectives, they continue to be reported, especially considering the circumstances surrounding other wealth in NATO. About 35 years ago, the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving a power vacuum that local Afghan forces struggled to fill. The U.S. failed to learn that lesson and engaged in military operations to occupy Afghanistan in 2001. However, they, too, withdrew after twenty years, with the year 2021 marking a solid international conclusion. The Arab region finds itself grappling with the consequences of illiteracy among its people. it has become a breeding ground for individuals who propagate mass destruction. The nuclear issue and its developments have become a central concern for Palestinians, posing significant challenges to the Arab world.

In early 2020, former U.S. President Donald Trump unveiled his peace plan between Palestine and Israel, dubbed the “Deal of the Century.” It was announced in Washington D.C., with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ambassadors of four Arab countries in attendance. Despite marketing this plan, Trump made false promises to the people of Palestine as Israel has rejected implementing Islamic solutions like the two-state solution and the return of refugees. Israel maintains that it is challenging to evacuate settlers from the West Bank.

In the same year, additional mini-deals were made to foster normalisation between Israel and certain Arab countries. However, none of the confrontation zone countries or those geographically close to Israel joined. Some argued that they did so due to geopolitical imperatives, using it as a pretext to engage with the occupying power. It is widely known that the U.S. strategically views Israel as a “legitimate” heir to the throne of the Middle East or the Arab world.

According to David Hirst, renowned writer and managing editor of the Middle East Eye website, the U.S. fails to satisfy those who sympathise with it. The repercussions of its policies worldwide are inevitably negative, affecting its internal affairs and cohesion. Hirst asserts that despite being the most powerful entity representing the West, it has only managed to perpetuate the brutality and suffering of the Afghan war for two decades. The cost of Western intervention in Afghanistan, measured by the lives lost by American and British military personnel, is irrefutable evidence of our civilisation’s decay.

Presently, the American household is burdened with the trials of the House of Representatives and the numerous cases against former President Trump. The revelations, such as Trump sharing classified information about U.S. nuclear submarines with an Australian business person before leaving the White House, further exacerbate the situation. This businessman, in turn, shared this information with at least 45 individuals, including his employees, journalists, Australian officials, and former prime ministers. The consequences of Trump’s leak put the U.S. nuclear fleet at stake.

Ironically, the Democratic Party, which President Joe Biden represents, used to be a conservative party that advocated slavery before the American Civil War in 1862. However, after President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s election in 1932, the party underwent a radical transformation, becoming a champion of liberal ideologies, trade unions, and government intervention in the economy. Today, however, it has reverted back to its pre-1932 mindset, especially when taking a strong pro-war stance in Ukraine. If Donald Trump was representing the conservative Republican Party today, he would not have taken such a firm position on this issue.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions are fueled by the disintegration of the Western system, starting with Brexit. The United States is pushing the European Union to the brink of a confrontation with Russia, which Europe is ill-prepared for and cannot afford. It finds itself in an uncomfortable position in Ukraine, and as the war drags on, Europe is growing concerned about the possibility of Washington withdrawing its support. Yesterday, Joseph Burrell, the European Union’s foreign policy commissioner, stated that Europe cannot replace the support of the United States. As winter approaches, Ukraine is preparing to counterattack Russia. Two years ago, a security agreement involving the US, Britain, and Australia sparked a crisis that angered France and the E.U. and eventually led to tensions with China, the agreement’s original target. France criticised the E.U., accusing it of “betrayal” and “backstabbing,” as it jeopardised a deal France had made with Australia in 2016.

In this world of arrogance and powerful reigns, historical facts offer reassurance to vulnerable peoples, particularly in our region. These facts show that the greatest victories in history, regarded as miracles in warfare, were achieved by armies with limited numbers and equipment, overcoming their adversaries repeatedly. One must recognise a crucial condition, which is often hard to comprehend – that victory lies in the hands of Allah. The pursuit of dignity and resistance against injustice is upheld through the gathering of destructive moral strength.

According to historical records, the Battle of Yarmouk occurred in 13 A.H. between the Muslims led by Khalid bin Al-Walid and the Byzantine Empire’s army. This battle is significant in history as it marked the beginning of Muslim victories outside the Arabian Peninsula, paving the way for subsequent conquests. The Muslim army consisted of 36,000 fighters, while the Byzantine army numbered 240,000.

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