Decline of Nile Waters in Atbara Exceeds Expectations

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Minister of Infrastructure in the Nile River State, Samir Saeed, stressed the necessity of developing permanent solutions that address the problem of the decline of Nile water from the old Atbara water station and carrying out scientific research into the phenomena that led to the occurrence of this problem. He stressed (Wednesday) that the treatments that were done during the previous periods represent merely palliatives for the problem.

For his part, Professor Hassan Al-Saim, Director of the Nile Valley University, pointed out that the problem represents one of the negative consequences of constructing the Renaissance Dam.

On the other hand, Engineer Mudathir Abdel Qadir, Director of the State Water Authority, reviewed the treatments that were taken to address the decline and the parties that contributed to that, stressing that the current decline is the largest and has exceeded all possible expectations throughout the ages, according to the studies and measurements established.

Mudathir pointed out the appearance of a sand island two kilometres long adjacent to the station.

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