RSF Militia Bombing in Omdurman Kills Entire Family

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) rebel militia escalated its attacks on Althawra neighbourhood areas north of Omdurman were targeted by bombing since the early hours of Wednesday morning Althawra neighbourhoods 9th and 11th, in addition to Almanara Roundabout, around which clouds of smoke rose as a result of the burning of one of the fuel tankers there.

A community activist in Omdurman, Amjad Al-Jak, told Sudan Events that the bombing began in the 9th neighbourhood yesterday, causing significant home losses and some injuries. He added, “Residents tried to leave the neighbourhood today towards the 10th neighbourhood, but an army force stopped the citizens at the 10th Bridge and asked them not to advance because there was bombing from the militia.

Aljak added that an entire family of five individuals died in the 11th neighbourhood due to the Rapid Support bombing of homes, and we expect more casualties.”

In what was said in a statement issued a short while ago by Al-Thawra 11th emergency room, the continuous bombing today resulted in several martyrs and wounded in the area.

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