Expected Release of Arrested Farmers

Sudan Events – Exculsive – Rehab Abdullah

Sudan Events follow-ups revealed that the White Nile Agricultural Bank arrested farmers due to insolvency and the accumulation of agricultural financing debts they obtained from the bank.

However, the Vice President of the Farmers Association Sudan, Ghareeg Kambal, revealed to “Sudan Events” that they had reached understandings with the bank manager, which resulted in him responding to the release of the arrested individuals, and Ghareeg appreciated the manager’s response.

In the meantime, some called for directing farmers to sit with the management of the Agricultural Bank and conduct a field survey with the Department of Investment and Economic Security and mechanized agricultural engineers for agricultural projects, through which the farmer will explain how to pay the debts and reconcile their situation.

The Vice President of the Rainfed Sector Farmers Union expected that the summer agricultural season this year would achieve high productivity.

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