Arabic Press Headlines Sunday 23 October 2023

Agencies – Sudan Events


* Forceful disappearance of 725 citizens since the eruption of war: Report


* Sudanese Army air force destroys RSF militia tanks in Khartoum.


* RSF rebellion shells.Almanara water plant in Omdurman.


* RSF Brigadier killed while attempting to withdraw with his troops to western Sudan.


* MoH: Health report on Sudan is satisfactory.


* IMF predicts decline in Sudanese economy due to war.


* Arman:The Sudanese people will get back their revolution and state.


* Ardol: Sudan exports of gold exceeded US$6 billion in three years.


* Burma Nasir: The top priority for the national powers is to stop war.


* 467 confirmed Dengue Fever cases in North Kordofan.


* Egypt Imposes State of Emergency on borders with Sudan to confront desert locust.


* Teachers Committee slams River Nile State governor on the start of the school year.


* Al-Burhan relieves AJOC Chairperson.


* Kushaib lawyers refute accusations against him.


* Inset pests threaten 80 percent of Gum Arabic and 30 percent of sorghum production.


*Victory is inching, Says Kabbashi.


* Ukraine provides Sudan with 57 tons of grains.

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