Khartoum Water Authority Condemns Bombing of Al-Manara Water Station

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Khartoum State Water Authority strongly condemned the violent bombing of the Al-Manara water station in Karari locality, with more than 13 shells.

The authority said in a press release that the bombing targeted the station and that (8) shells fell into the sedimentation basin, indicating that the station was temporarily stopped as a precautionary measure to detect any harmful traces.

The authority said that what the militia did is considered an extension of the series of blatant violations of water facilities in the state and endangering the lives of water consumers, noting that the water supply will resume pumping after inspection to ensure that the water is safe and free of traces of the substances contained in the shells,confirming that the Authority’s workers have been stationed at the stations since April 15, the date of the beginning of the war. It also added that they continue their work without interruption despite the serious risks to which they are exposed.

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