The Minister of Minerals confirms Sudan’s gains from mining activities

Rehab Abdullah – Sudan Events

The Minister of Minerals, Mohamed Bashir Abu Namo, pledged to solve all the problems facing the local community’s entitlements in the Hadaliya region through the share of social responsibility for mining activity.
During his visit (Sunday) to Kassala State, he stressed the need to discuss all problems in holding the meetings of the State Coordination Committee.
He explained that the primary function of governments is to solve the problems of citizens, and the Minister of Minerals alerted the state to the large gains from mining activities, no matter how many disputes there are over it, and stressed the fight against the use of mixers in mining activity to preserve the environment and human safety, pointing out that indiscriminate use greatly affects human health and the environment. The Minister explained that social responsibility funds are supplied directly to the municipalities’ account according to the decision of the Minister of Finance and are disposed of by the community according to its need. Abu Nammu announced full coordination with Nazir Turk and the civil administrations in all issues of concern to citizens in the Hadalia region.

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