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How did Tut Qalwak get involved in the RSF’s war against the Sudanese army?

Juba – Sudan Event

A South Sudanese journalist has revealed details of the involvement of Tut Qalwak, the security advisor to his government, in the war fought by the disbanded Rapid Support Forces (RSF) against the Sudanese army on April 15th last year.

The South Sudanese journalist Murtada Jalal al-Din (pictured with South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit) stated, “Tut Qalwak, Akol Kor, the Director of Security and Intelligence, and their entourage participated in planning the war on Khartoum and facilitating Himedti’s forces by recruiting forces from Khartoum and facilitating the passage of arms supplies from various regions in the region.”
Journalist Murtada Jalal al-Din is considered one of the prominent journalists in South Sudan due to his well-informed sources and his closeness as an advisor to Riek Machar during his opposition to the South Sudanese government.
Murtada pointed out that the arrangement included the entry of snipers from East Africa who were accommodated in the security and intelligence buildings in Juba and other areas under security control. Dates for the passage of RSF from Central Africa, one of the most significant training and preparation camps for the RSF, were agreed upon in the recent meeting between Himedti and Tut Qalwak in Khartoum before the war. Qalwak had met Himedti in a workshop on the Abyei region just a few days before the outbreak of the war.
Financial Briefcase
Murtada continued, “The last meeting between Himeidti, Abdulrahim Daglo, and Tut Qalwak at Himedti’s residence on April 10th ended with Tut Qalwak, in the presence of his office director, Talib Peter, ending all consultations. In that meeting, he received a financial briefcase, which Talib Peter carried out, and a portion of the money was distributed at midnight in Rotana Peace Hotel to several South Sudanese generals who later participated in the operations.”
Juba’s Role in the War
He added, “One of the most important things determined and agreed upon in the meeting was to emphasise the role of the South Sudanese government, which included declaring support for Sudan’s new president, Himedti, and recognising the de facto authority when the RSF declared control.”
Murtada also provided details, saying, “Tut Qalwak left Himedti ‘s house, and Talib Peter, the director of his office responsible for financial coordination, communications, and operations between Tut’s office and the RSF, evacuated all families and advisors of the counsellor from Rotana Peace Hotel and other locations in Khartoum. They all left for Juba and Dubai on April 12th, three days before the outbreak of the war.”
The Role of Aginik
According to Murtada’s account, businessman Kor Aginik was involved in the process of transferring Himedti ‘s funds for the preparation of the South Sudanese militia, which was internally recruited by generals present in Khartoum a year before the outbreak of the conflict. He confirmed their readiness during repeated meetings at the Rotana Hotel, which was why Tut’s frequent visits to Khartoum under the guise of a peace envoy.

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