Agar Reveals Government’s endeavors to End War

Khartoum – Sudan Events 

Deputy Head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Malik Agar has affirmed the government’s keenness to bring an end to the ongoing war according to the roadmap which included four stages i.e. separation of forces, humanitarian process, reintegration of RSF to form one national army, then the political process on constitution making and how to rule.

He added, while addressing the opening session of Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) signatories meetings held in Juba participated by South Sudan government representatives, parties to the JPA, AU, IGAD, UNITAMS, that the initiatives forwarded have different agendas, pointing out that the economic and executive situation should be considered besides the violations of the RSF militia and its violations to the international humanitarian law.

He added that the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) initiative included contradictions a matter that led to the ongoing war.

Agar emphasized the importance of evaluating the matrix of JPA to set the appropriate means to stop war and dealing with the challenges facing the implementation of the agreement, warning against the consequences of the war on the Horn of Africa and neighboring countries, besides the countries on the Red Sea.

He concluded by calling for the unification of national ranks over the crucial issues and providing support to the Sudanese Armed Forces as it represents the safe valve of Sudan’s unity and stability,

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