Arabic Press Headlines Wednesday 25 October 2023

Agencies – Sudan Events 


* Agar reveals details on the negotiations between SAF and RSF


* Kassala hands child soldiers to their families.


*CBOS announces news procedures on cash transactions.


* US$20 thousand from the ICRC to Managel hospital.


* SSMO burns 5 tons of expired commodities in White Nile State.


* France grants asylum to South Darfur refugees.


* Khalid Omer: Addis Ababa meeting aims at stopping the war.


* New round of talks on GERD in Cairo.


* SAF repulse attack on Nyala, clashes continue in Khartoum.


* Hamdok calls for unification of ranks.


* Escalation of military operations in Khartoum.


* Military expert shoulder SAF the responsibility of Lengthening the war.


* Britain announces criminal procedures against Sudanese protestors in London.


* Omdurman Islamic University announces resumption of academic year.


* Efforts to contain Dangue fever outbreak in West Kordofan.


* Authorities seize smuggled drugs,

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