Arabic Press Headlines Thursday 26 October 2023

Agencies – Sudan Events 


* Agar Expresses Optimism towards the Success of Jeddah Forum Negotiations.


* SAF: Resumption of Negotiations Doesn’t Mean Halt of Military Operations.


*SAF Launch Qualitative Operations against RSF Militia via Drones.


* Military Air Force Intervenes in Nyala confrontations.


* SAF Down RSF Drone in Al-Elafoun.


* Agar Criticizes Armed Struggle Movements for Being Neutral towards the war in Sudan.


* Sudan Railways Corporation Affirms Readiness to Resume Rail Transport.


* SAF Announce Repulsion of RSF Attack on Nyala.


* Interior Minister Arrives in Rwanda to Participate in EAPCO Conference


* Juba Peace Agreement Signatories Intend to Call the Sudanese Political Forces for a Meeting in Juba.


* Arrangements to Open Kassala University.


* University of Khartoum Announces Resumption of Studies in All Colleges.

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