Traders Warn: Sesame facing danger

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Sesame producers and traders in Gedaref, eastern Sudan, revealed that unknown bodies and figures appeared (Thursday) in Gedaref, buying sesame in high prices more than the prices worldwide and tempting exhibitors to buy at ridiculous prices.
Some traders expressed their fear that a conspiracy against the national economy was behind the matter, and they called security services to monitor the situations verifying truth about these people.
Some traders explained that the price of sesame recorded a noticeable increase (Thursday) in the Gedaref market, where by the end of the day the price of a quintal reached SDGs 71,000 , While some attributed the rise to increase in demand for purchases and the entry of competing capitals, some attributed it to the entry of strangers, and they expected the price to reach A quintal is SDGs100 ,000 if competitive purchasing continues at this pace.

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