WHO: A campaign against Measles in 9 Sudanese States

Khartoum – Sudan Events

World Health Organization WHO expert Al-Rashid Mohamed Sayid Ahmed said that a campaign against measles and German measles to implement in 9 states in Sudan next November, revealing that the year 2024 AD will witness the entry of the German measles vaccine into the routine vaccination of children, while he indicated that cases of it have been registered in Gezira State.

In the meeting of the Campaign higher Committee at the Ministry of Health in Gezira State (Thursday), Sayed Ahmed announced the provision of technical and logistical support for immunization programs and all health programmes.

The Director of the Expanded Immunization Program at Al Gezira Health, Abdul Muttalib Mohamed Nour, revealed that the campaign in the state targets 2,973,754 children from age of 9 months to 15 years old , affirming that 418 suspected cases of measles were registered including 130 cases imported from Khartoum State.

He added that the campaign to implement through fixed and temporary centers and mobile teams.


Director of the General Department of Basic Health Care, Rehab Al-Zein, confirmed that measles is a disease that leads to death and causes mental disability. She said, “The exacerbation of the displacement problem has led to the seriousness of the epidemiological situation.”

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