Head of a Sudanese Movement Accuses UAE, Kenya and Ethiopia of Supporting the RSF

Juba – Sudan Events

Head of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Mustafa Tambour, said in a press statement in Juba: “Kenya, Ethiopia, and the UAE bear responsibility for their support of the militia”, and warned them against continuing with this support because its consequences will be very dire for those countries.

Among the participants in the Juba meetings of the peace parties,

Tambour discussed the mediation in South Sudan’s position of the Sudan Liberation Movement to support the SAF against the rebel RSF militia.

He stressed that the Jeddah forum is only suitable for resolving security arrangements that determine the exit of the RSF Militia from citizens’ homes, public service and state institutions and the opening of safe paths to deliver humanitarian aid.

Regarding the political process, Tambour affirmed that it concerns the political and revolutionary forces and has no connection to the RSF militia that rebelled against the state.

He called on the armed movements that signed the peace agreement to take clear attitudes regarding the militia’s crimes and stressed that neutrality means standing by the rebellion.

He also warned the political forces that make up the Central FC Party against continuing to conspire against the SAF and the people and play the importance of the Civil Front that formed in Addis Ababa, describing it as marketing old wine in new bottles and not changing anything in reality.

Regarding his meeting with the Prime Minister of the South, Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, he said that the South has historical ties with the North, so the government of the South should stand by the legitimate government in Sudan.

He renewed his position that he would not let the SAF fight alone and would fight beside them until victory.

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