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Sudanese Students, Generation’s Catastrophe

Sudan Events – Staff Reporter

As the war entered its seventh month, an important sector should be dealt with seriously before it is too late.

This important sector is the school children.

According to UN statistics, an estimated 19 million children are out of school for months because of war, a matter that makes

Sudan on the verge of becoming the worst education crisis in the world.

Universities and primary and secondary schools across Sudan remain closed six months after the war began, jeopardizing the future of an entire generation.

Teachers across the country have gone unpaid and young people out of school have been exposed to physical and mental threats, including recruitment into armed groups.

Universities and government educational offices have been destroyed or used as defense positions, and at least 171 schools have been turned into emergency shelters for displaced people.

If this war continues, the damage to the education system will be irreparable.

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