America Threatens to impose Sanctions on RSF Commander

Jeddah – Sudan Events

Senior sources reported on Sunday that the mediator representing the US in Jeddah negotiations taking place between the SAF and the rebel RSF militia warned the negotiating support delegation that the USwould take a series of punitive decisions that this time would affect the Rapid Support Commander, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, in the event that his forces did not commit to implementing the evacuation decision. Citizens’ homes, civilian objects, and water and electricity stations in Khartoum until the end of next November.
Last month, the United States imposed sanctions on Abdul Rahim Hamdan Dagalo, deputy commander of the RSF in Sudan, due to acts of violence and human rights violations committed by the RSF including massacre of civilians, ethnic killings in Darfur, and sexual violence.
SAF and the RSF militia resumed negotiations in Jeddah last Thursday, that has stopped since last June due to the RSF failure to adhere implementation Jeddah Declaration agreement signed on May 11, that prompted the army delegation to withdraw and suspend the negotiation.

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