Algeria informs Khartoum’s ambassador of its readiness to participate in stopping the fighting in Sudan

Sudan Events – Talal Muddassir

Ibrahim Boughali, President of the Algerian National People’s Assembly (Parliament), affirmed his country’s readiness to intensify efforts with regional and international partners to stop the fighting in Sudan, taking into account the higher interest of their country and establishing a new era that meets the ambitions and aspirations of the Sudanese people.

Boughali, who met with the Sudanese Ambassador to Algeria, Nadia Khair Mohamed Othman, at the Council’s Headquarters on Monday, revealed the imminent allocation of a parliamentary group for friendship with Sudan, which reflects the will to establish mechanisms that enable the parliaments of the two countries to cooperate more and establish a qualitative stage in the direction of developing bilateral relations in various fields.

Her Excellency Ambassador of Sudan, Nadia, praised the level of bilateral relations and revealed a work project within the framework of a joint committee to document them with the help of specialized research laboratories. She then seized the opportunity to praise the support that Algeria has been providing to Sudan and its balanced position towards the crisis that Sudan is going through.

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