RSF Attacks “Balila” Oil Field and Airport, and 2B OPCO takes security procedures in “Heglige”

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

Local citizens in West Kordofan State – western Sudan told Sudan Events on Monday morning that the Balila oil field was attacked by the rebel RSF militia aiming controll the rich oil-field.

Attack and Evacuation
The attacking force used 15 combat vehicles to attack the field, that produces half of Sudan’s oil production – about 30,000 barrels per day. There were widespread sabotage and looting of the offices of the Sudanese OPCOthe owning Company, of the field as partnership with China, while the workers were evacuated. Peacefully, to the city of Babanusa, headquarter of 22nd Division of the SAF.

Sabotage at the Airport

Rebel militia attacked “Balila” airport and vandalized it before the forces of the “91st Heglige” Brigade, that responsible from the region, returned and clashed with it, as the battle was still raging between the two sides.

The Field Security Committee decides

Meanwhile, the Heglige Field Security Committee held an emergency meeting in the “2B OPCO” buildings to secure Heglige field, attended by the field manager, field security director, department managers, and companies working in the field, during which it was decided to evacuate workers from Heglige field in anticipation of an expecting attack on the oil-rich field while 2B OPCOdecided to evacuate its equipments its and evacuated it with the workers to South Sudan, according to an informed source in the company who spoke in brief .

Battles over negotiation

The SAF and the RSF militia resumed their negotiations in Jeddah last Thursday on ceasing the war that has erupted since mid-April.

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