Heglig Fields decides to close and evacuate workers

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

The oil fields in the state of West Kordofan – western Sudan witnessed remarkable developments following an attack on the “Balila” oil field yesterday.
Private information obtained by “Sudan Events” on Tuesday evening indicated that a force from the Rapid Support militia stormed the “Neem” and “Diffra” fields, which are affiliated with the “2B OPCO” company that operates the Heglig field. The attacking force looted the movables of the two fields that had been stormed, and had previously been evacuated by workers to Heglig yesterday.
Meanwhile, another Rapid Support force also arrived in the “Kilak Al-Khursani” area – 70 km north of Heglig, and looted a pickup car belonging to the same company.
In view of this situation, the management of the company “2B OPCO”, which owns and operates the Heglig field, held a meeting this evening with the field security committee, during which it decided to implement the closure protocol procedures (Shut Down) for the field, keeping a limited number of personnel to operate the central production unit, the CBF, and evacuating the workers immediately to South Sudan.
Sources expected that the rapid support step to skirmish at the Heglig field would arouse the anger of South Sudan, which is bound by a joint defense agreement for the oil fields and owns facilities for pumping South Sudanese oil in the oil-rich field.

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